American Studies

Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies concentration at Brown emphasizes the histories of diverse racial groups within and across the borders of the United States, including examining issues of diaspora, migration, social movements, and the political economies of social inequality and racial formation.

All concentrators develop individual focus areas in consultation with their faculty advisors and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The focus may be either a United States-based comparative analysis or a United States/international analysis. Focus areas may be group-specific or thematic.

Each student’s program of study is organized around a set of core courses that help them identify the historical and theoretical questions to be investigated and provide the tools necessary to address those questions.

Students in the Ethnic Studies concentration will:

  • Understand the histories of racial groups and processes of diaspora
  • Become fluent in critical theories about race and ethnicity
  • Design a unique curriculum that applies relevant theories to more than one discipline
  • Produce and present a significant piece of original research or creative work
  • Develop strong communication skills

To declare a concentration in Ethnic Studies, fill out an ASK declaration, then email the advisor to set up a meeting.