American Studies

Master's Program

The American Studies M.A. program is cohort-centered and community-based.

Our students come from across the country and generally complete the degree in one year while in residence here in Providence. They seek to explore a particular specialization in scholarship, add intellectual depth to their existing professional or academic life, determine if they want to continue on to a Ph.D. program, or to prepare for doctoral work.

American Studies also offers a 5th year M.A. for Brown undergraduates who wish to pursue graduate work. A standard M.A. curriculum is 8 credits. 5th year M.A. students may apply up to two undergraduate courses taken at Brown toward this curriculum. Generally, these classes would count outside of the requirements for a number of courses taught with the "AMST" prefix or above the 2000 level. Like the regular M.A., the 5th year M.A. is designed to be completed in one year.

Our M.A. curriculumĀ consists of eight courses, typically spread over one year in two semesters, and an ungraded and reflective ePortfolio, created at the end of the second semester.